Leadership Training NYC
One Day Master Class

Master Class description

What if you could distill the most incisive, thought-provoking and actionable elements from a full-year Leadership Development Program into a single day?  

For just one day, your leaders get to stop…

  • Executing

  • Putting out fires

  • Focusing on what’s right in front of them

They get to pause, think strategically and reflect on the impact they want to make in the organization.  They get to share their ideas, challenges and benefit from the wisdom of their peers.  Each person will leave with greater clarity about the path forward, a deeper connection with their peers and actionable tools to take back.


The Leadership Training Master class is divided into two main sections:  

  • Understanding yourself as leader and your impact within the organization;

  • Creating a high-performing team by assessing the current state and building a tangible plan of action to build your team's capacity.

The Masterclass is facilitated by certified executive coaches who are skilled at creating environments that foster learning.  They are masterful at bringing theory to life by weaving in real-world examples, tactical suggestions and transforming in-the-moment conversations into learning opportunities.  


Objectives & Key Learning of our Leadership Masterclass:

  • Gain clarity about self-as-leader, team and how to create a higher functioning team

  • Employ a team diagnostic tool to assess the current state of your team

  • Practice key management skills that support leadership (feedback, delegation and crucial conversations)


Appropriate for

  • High Potentials

  • Sole Contributors

  • Managers

  • Leaders

  • Technical professionals

  • Subject matter experts

  • Sales professionals

Looking for a longer more in-depth Leadership Training Program? 


What to Expect


  • Reading

  • Questions to spark self-reflection

  • Choice of Personality/Thinking Assessment (optional)

Sample Leadership Masterclass Agenda*


  • Understanding yourself as Leader

  • Understanding the Balance between Leading and Managing

  • Values and Authentic Leadership

  • Storytelling as a Leadership Tool

  • Strengthening Resilience


  • Creating a high-performing team

  • Evaluate your team’s strength in 6 Key Areas

  • Coaching Skills for Problem Solving, Accountability and Empowerment

  • Communicating Across Differences

  • The Art and Science of Feedback

  • Delegation for Team Development


  • 1-day

Optional add-ons:  

  • Leadership coaching before and/or after the Masterclass

  • Assessments such as SDI, Herrmann Brain Dominance Indicator (HBDI), DiSC, Social Styles,

  • EQ-I 2.0, Strengthsfinder, MBTI, Team Diagnostic Survey or the assessment of your choice

*All outlines can be fully customized to address participants’ skill level and specific objectives. 

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