Presentation Skills Training

How often do you present?

Many people would only consider formal presentations and answer, “Infrequently.”

The reality is most business leaders are presenting their ideas on a daily basis - speaking up in team meetings, impromptu updates, pitching an idea to a cross functional team, not to mention client meetings or status updates. 

Competence and good ideas aren’t enough to capture the audience’s attention.

Using a range of proven speech training techniques and practical exercises, participants will learn to deliver with greater confidence, clarity and conviction.  Key presentation skills and techniques are developed in an engaging, interactive and risk free environment.


presentation skills
training Program Outcomes:

  • Hone key platform skills to build rapport and engage the audience (vocals and nonverbals)

  • Learn to use interactive techniques to engage the audience

  • Greater awareness of individual strengths, development areas and next steps through personalized in-the-moment coaching

  • Create presentations that are well structured and organized


Appropriate for

  • High Potentials

  • Sole Contributors

  • Managers

  • Leaders

  • Technical professionals

  • Subject matter experts

  • Sales professionals


What to Expect


  • Questions to build awareness

  • Prepare a short presentation

Sample Presentation Skills Training Program Agenda*:

  • What makes a good speaker

  • Projecting with your body and voice

  • How to get past nerves

  • Individual presentations and feedback (#1)

  • Audience Analysis

  • Content and Structure

  • Working with visual aids

  • Techniques for impromptu speaking

  • Handling Q&A’s and Difficult Audience Members

  • Individual presentations and feedback (#2)


  • Half-day and Full-day

*All outlines can be fully customized to address participants’ skill level and specific objectives. 


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