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63% of millennials feel their leadership skills are not being developed by their employers.

Because of this, 71% of those millennial employees want to leave their job within two years.

56% of organizations are not ready to meet leadership needs.

77% of organizations overall are currently experiencing a

Our leadership development program is an experiential journey that helps individuals get clear about how they can most profoundly make an impact in the work they do.

Our Programs Result in:

Higher productivity:  Participants develop a strong peer-to-peer network across the organization that allows them leverage formal and informal networks.

Greater Connection and Engagement:  Participants gain a greater awareness of the organization’s objectives and how to leverage their strengths, interests and unique contributions.

Rapid Integration: Participants seek feedback, acknowledge mis-steps and apply their learning immediately. 

Leadership Toolkit: Tools, models and the most recent research on leadership that participants can use for their ongoing development and to cascade to the rest of their team. 

Why work with Us?

Executive coaches:  We develop impactful relationships that help leaders examine their behaviors, as well as how their mental and emotional state impacts their effectiveness.

Masterful facilitators:  We create a structured dialogue that creates learning conversations.  We also use in-the-moment situations for learning and feedback.

Expertise:  We have designed programs for organizations around the world, across industries and for all levels. We work closely with each organization to ensure that the culture, leadership frameworks and competencies of each organization are fully integrated into all aspects of the program.  

*Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends 2016

Not ready for the full Leadership Development program? 


What does the program include?

Our Leadership Development Program is fully customizable.  

Program Components (can be modified in any way):

  • Six half-day facilitated classroom experiences that encourage sharing of best practices and creating networks within the organization.

  • Six one-on-one virtual coaching meetings reinforce and personalize classroom learning to allow each participant to hone in on his/her own learning objectives.

  • Six peer-led small groups provide a supportive environment for participants to discuss in-the-moment challenges.

  • Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) to understand thinking preferences.

  • EQ-i 2.0 Assessment to increase awareness of emotional intelligence strengths and gaps.

  • Leadership Toolkit that includes monthly distribution of the most cutting edge thought pieces that address the topics most important to today’s leaders.

Additional learning modalities that may be considered for this program are:

  • Formal mentoring

  • Speakers from different internal groups

  • Case studies

  • Experiential learning projects (action learning sessions)

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What participants are saying about our NYC Leadership Training & Development Program


Starla was simply amazing.  Her ability to inspire the group to share stories or experiences beyond what is typically considered "comfortable" between team members made for a truly incredible experience for our small group.  Starla is one of the best individuals I've met and I will continue to stay in touch with her even after the program has ended. 
~Participant, Leadership Development Program


That first coaching session CHANGED my whole trajectory! It was amazing – gave me things to think about that I had never considered. My boss has given me resulting feedback about how well I have “stepped up my game” – just by inserting myself more assertively in meetings. Wow!
~Manager, Bain Capital

Starla  did an exceptional job adapting to the team's personality and allowing us to get the most out of our time together. By doing so, we were able to share and collaborate in a more effective manner.
~Participant, Leadership Development Program

The network I built with the program, especially my learning group, has been a gift I never would have predicted. And knowing that even in our different functions and roles, we are working through similar challenges, has been super helpful.
~Director, Financial Services Firm


Whether it was our engineers in Sweden or our customer service leaders in the US, the program got rave reviews. It got our engineers thinking about how their interpersonal skills impacted their team - a move away from being the smartest person in the room. As head of leadership development, I couldn't be more pleased.
—Veronika Wilsher, Director Learning and Development, Opera Solutions


Starla was really relatable. She used to be in our line of business (financial services).  She understood our concerns and had good feedback to offer.
~Participant, Leadership Development Program

Starla did an amazing job.  She built rapport with each individual, listened to the groups needs and created an environment of trust.
~Participant, Leadership Development Program

Starla did a fantastic job at being a coach.  She made everyone feel comfortable, and found a great balance between pushing everyone outside of their typical comfort zone, yet not too far to where they shut down.  Always open for a honest, candid conversation.
~Participant, Leadership Development Program


Starla was AMAZING. I am not normally someone who feels comfortable participating in workshops, but Starla created an environment of trust where I could get real feedback about  workplace issues that I needed to make a hard decision on.
~Participant, Leadership Development Program


Starla was extremely effective in encouraging us to speak candidly and openly about our experiences and takeaways from the group sessions. She was incredibly effective as a coach.
~Participant, Leadership Development Program

Starla was very easy to relate to, and it definitely felt like a workshop, and not a seminar.  The content was hands on, interesting, and effective.
~Participant, Leadership Development Program

Starla was great! She was positive, optimistic, encouraging, and a great listener. She liked to have fun and made the experience better for me
~Participant, Leadership Development Program


Starla was the best. She made the experience fun and meaningful.
~Participant, Leadership Development Program


Starla did a great job at creating an inclusive environment for people to share their experiences.
~Participant, Leadership Development Program

I think Starla was a huge factor as to why I enjoyed this program.  She truly enabled my group to be open and honest and add valuable perspectives to discussions.  We all connected on a great level.  She made everyone feel comfortable and always had good insights to provide.
~Participant, Leadership Development Program

Starla was amazing. She was a great listener and facilitator of the group discussions. I especially enjoyed our one-on-one coaching sessions, where she pushed me to think through my values and how to align those values with my work and life. And she was fun!
~Participant, Leadership Development Program