When I first met Starla I was sitting in on and observing a training course she happened to be facilitating that day, what I didn't realize is that I was in for an incredibly engaging and inspiring day. Starla's ability to quickly build rapport with the learners (and with me) made the training personal, applicable to what I do everyday and most of all fun and interactive. She was able to cater the information and conversation to each learners needs and challenges on the spot. Being a past educator/facilitator myself it was easy to identify her skill set in reading a room and hitting all of the objectives without batting an eyelash...it was a privilege to witness and be a part of her professional sphere that day. A true professional and trusted advisor.

~Anna Hazin, Learning & Development, PwC


"Our team has seen tremendous improvement in communication and role clarity while working together with Starla over the past twelve months. She has helped us navigate transitions during a time of rapid growth and organizational change. Her executive coaching has helped me to think more strategically and to become a more confident, effective and proactive manager. I think we all have a better perspective of who we are and how we relate to one another as a result of our sessions.”  ~Ruth Dekker, COO BlinkNow

“Working with Starla as a management coach was a transformative experience. She comes from a place of thoughtful curiosity and was quick to establish a safe space and strong rapport at the outset of our engagement. Starla has a special way of eliciting beneficial insights and realizations from her clients by guiding conversations with pointed questions absent of any judgment.

After working with Starla, I felt fully equipped to build and develop healthy, effective relationships, be a truly empathetic manager, and, in turn, achieve great team successes.”
~Jared Markson, Director at Arabella Advisors

In the role of my executive coach, Starla Sireno quickly moved from consultant to trusted mentor, advisor and friend. I have always found her perspectives thoughtful and insightful, and her communication style balanced with candor and professionalism.
She has been an objective sounding board to me during some of my most challenging personal and career decisions.  Starla’s coaching has given valuable insight and helped me gain perspective in terms of managing relationships, prioritizing, strategic thinking, and building my confidence. 
~Sheryl Roman, Human Resource Director, XYZ Graphics, Inc.


“Starla is an amazing trainer and facilitator! Starla is highly professional and very approachable. I always look forward to collaborating with her on various projects involving Instructional Delivery and Curriculum Design because of her natural ability to connect to an audience, large or small. I highly recommend Starla and her services.”
~Kimiko Sakuma, Instructional Design & Training Consultant


“I attended the Women's Finance Association meeting a few weeks ago where Starla was speaking. I must say, I was so motivated by her presence and what she had to say that night. I have not had someone motivate me and impress me the way she has in a very long time.”
~Judy Lee, Venture Capital & Private Equity

“I first met Starla while working at PwC where she delivered strategic training and coaching initiatives for career milestone and professional development programs for PwC’s Learning & Development organization. At PwC, Starla was highly regarding for her expertise in coaching and facilitation.

Starla is very effective at understanding client needs and translating those into creative ideas for impactful L&D programs. Simply put, Starla “gets it” and I would recommend her for anyone looking to arm themselves with an effective coaching and/or learning & development strategist.”

~Laura McBride, Global Learning & Talent Development, LinkedIn

"Starla, who was our business coach, is an outstanding executive leadership facilitator. She did her homework to understand our team and our issues. She utilized time skillfully and made sure we met our learning objectives with energy and sensitivity. This was a true success meeting all of our objectives: team building, leadership development, reward for staff and FUN!"

~Karen Graham, Kaiser Permanente


"As Program Co-Chair of the SF Bay Area chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers, I'm constantly searching for engaging, informative, and perhaps most importantly for my audience, effective guest speakers. It's rare to find a speaker who so passionately gets her message across - and in a way that the audience can easily absorb and put to use. We've receive phenomenal feedback about our speakers - we were definitely fortunate to have Starla as a speaker!"

~Josh Zerkel, Program Co-Chair San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers


"Starla Sireno is a brilliant facilitator and has a unique speaking style. She connects with her audience using humor and years of experience public speaking. Our corporate clients always comment on Starla's unique approach to our teambuilding cooking parties and how well she can captivate her audience. I highly recommend Starla and think you will enjoy and learn a great deal from her."

~Bibby Gignilliat, Founder/Executive Chef Parties That Cook!

"Starla has the rare ability to deliver just the right balance between an interesting well thought-out presentation,  audience participation, a useful handout and just enough humor to make it fun. She managed to appeal to a diverse audience while providing specific techniques we could all use in our workplace. Best of all, as I looked around the room, everyone was listening! I have already recommended her as a speaker to another business women's networking group."

~Karen Noreen, Chair San Rafael Chamber Women for Success Committee

"Starla provided me with the tools and structure to guide me towards my full professional potential...I would highly recommend her!"

~Michelle Jo-Arencivia, Auditor United Nations


"Starla is a pleasure to work with and has been an important advisor in the development of our Stanford Engineering alumni career services program. She is generous with her time, her ideas, and her energy: all essential in our work to build up our career offerings. The workshops she's run for us are always fun, informative, and engaging for our alumni. We always receive very positive feedback in our event surveys about her presentation style and information presented. Our office looks forward to many years of collaboration with her!"

~Michelle Compton, Associate Director of Alumni Relations Stanford School of Engineering



What leadership development workshop participants are saying:

  • Starla was simply amazing.  Her ability to inspire the group to share stories or experiences beyond what is typically considered "comfortable" between team members made for a truly incredible experience for our small group.  Starla is one of the best individuals I've met and I will continue to stay in touch with her even after the program has ended.  
  • Starla did a great job at creating an inclusive environment for people to share their experiences. 

What communication skills workshop participants are saying: 

  • Starla made everyone feel at ease, even though most said they were nervous to speak in front of the group.  She gave great tips and techniques to calm yourself while speaking and make your presentation more convincing for the audience.
  • Starla was the best.  She made the experience fun and meaningful. 
  • Starla was very knowledgeable and kept things moving, I appreciated the good mix of theoretical and practical topics.