Influencing Skills and Personal Impact Training 


Everyone wants it.  Few can describe it.  The ability to influence is universally recognized as a key leadership skill and yet, it seems elusive. 

In today’s workplace, positional power is not enough to drive results.  Leaders must be able to build effective relationships to influence outcomes. 

In this highly conversational program, participants will explore various methods of influence and the practical skills for authentically influencing others without owning the positional authority.

Influencing Skills & Personal Impact Training
Program Outcomes:

  • Understand their own personality style and preferred methods of communicating, as well as how to influence those with different styles

  • Understand the drivers of influence

  • Practice applying the principles of influence to current work scenarios

  • Use clear language in conversations to influence others

  • Create an action plan to grow your authentic influence style

Appropriate for:

  • High Potentials

  • Sole Contributors

  • Managers

  • Leaders

  • Technical professionals

  • Subject matter experts

  • Sales professionals


What to Expect


  • Reading

  • Questions to spark self-reflection

Sample Influencing Skills Program Agenda*

  • What is Influence?

  • Build Fast Rapport

  • Objectives: Yours and Theirs

  • Inside the Mind of your Audience

  • The Four Personality Types and how to Appeal to Each

  • The 3 Crucial Skills to Master


  • Half-day and Full-day

* All outlines can be fully customized to address participants’ skill level and specific objectives.  

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