Business Storytelling

Connect, Influence and build better teams with Business Storytelling

Storytelling is perhaps the single most powerful communication tool that a leader can learn.  Business Storytelling creates trust and connection.  Among its many uses, storytelling can be used to convey what an individual, a team or an organization stands for.  Leaders who are adept at storytelling have a distinct advantage in creating more cohesive teams, delivering difficult news and closing business, even with skeptical buyers.  

While there are natural storytellers, the ability to tell an emotionally resonant, compelling story is a skill that can be learned. 


In this highly experiential session, participants will have the opportunity to workshop their own story and receive structured feedback from their peers and from the facilitator. 

Participants will learn:

  • The different types of stories and how they can be used to engage, motivate and diminish skepticism in both internal and in client-facing situations;

  • How to structure an effective story and tailor it to the audience and to the intended objective;

  • When and how to weave stories naturally into conversations;

  • The elements of a good story including the right level of detail and the importance of how it is delivered.

Additionally, participants will leave the session with a greater awareness of their natural strengths and with an action plan to continue to develop their own unique style.  

Appropriate for

  • High Potentials

  • Sole Contributors

  • Managers

  • Leaders

  • Technical professionals

  • Subject matter experts

  • Sales professionals


What to Expect


  • Participants will be sent guidance on how to prepare a story for the workshop


Sample Business Storytelling Workshop Agenda*:

  • Introduction to Storytelling – benefits and uses;

  • Participants will tell their story in small groups for a “dry-run” to receive initial feedback and to set a baseline for themselves;

  • Description of the narrative arc;

  • Participants will map their own story to the narrative arc;

  • Best practices including the use of voice and nonverbals to enhance interest;

  • Participants will present their story to the class and receive feedback;

  • Session close and action planning.



  • Two to Four Hours

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