Courageous Conversations

The average executive spends nearly 23 hours a week in meetings. But as many of us know all too well, these conversations are often less than productive. The real issues aren’t surfaced, challenging conversations are avoided, or relationships can be strained as a result of an ineffective interaction.

In this workshop, we will explore both the art and science of courageous communication that fosters true productivity and collaboration. Participants will learn and practice five key conversational moves and leave with a toolkit and customized action plan that will increase their ability to courageously communicate in a way that produces real impact.

Courageous Conversations
Program Outcomes:

  • Build the courage to surface and address conflict efficiently, directly and collaboratively

  • Increase your finesse in handling tricky conversations with colleagues and clients

  • Discover the impact of shifting your mindset from unilateral (I'm right; do it my way) to mutual

  • Learn a framework and dissect a real-life, unproductive conversation

  • Reconstruct a conversation to achieve a much more productive conversation

  • Understand how to leverage neuroscience to master the art of impactful conversation

Appropriate for:

  • High Potentials

  • Sole Contributors

  • Managers

  • Leaders

  • Technical professionals

  • Subject matter experts

  • Sales professionals


What People Are Saying:

I have always looked at conversation skills as an art. I now see there is a true science to it – a science that I can put into practice.
— Prior learner
This program may be the best on the job training class I’ve ever taken. Since taking the class, I’ve felt an increased confidence in all of my interactions both professional and personal. I’ve seen better results come from those interactions as well, be it increased sales, more satisfied clients or a better understanding of friends and family.
— Manager, consultant

What to Expect

Sample Topics Covered:

  • Surfacing dilemmas and getting to the heart of the matter

  • Five conversational moves to increase your conversational intelligence

  • Using non-verbal communication to enhance (vs. undermine) your message

  • ‘Staying low’ on the ladder of inference

  • Managing yourself when emotionally hijacked by someone’s behaviors, words and actions

  • Understand how different thinking preferences impact a conversation

  • Mutual action model – modify your mindset for a different outcome

  • Neuroscience of brain reactions - notice and modify approach with challenging people, situations and words


  • Half-day / Full-day / Two-day

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