Executive Coaching in NYC  


Increase Your Leader's Impact

One of your leaders or high-potentials has incredible skill and even more incredible potential. 

If only they would…

Coaching is a “thinking partnership” that focuses on helping clients gain clarity about their unique values, strengths and authentic brand of leadership.  In the service of increasing the client’s leadership capacity, we will inevitably examine obstacles, limiting beliefs, blind spots and triggers. 

Our New York based executive coaching program begins with the end in mind. Using a comprehensive stakeholder interview process, clients gets a clear picture of their strengths, their impact within the organization and what are their most crucial areas for development. 

Using the stakeholder feedback, we work with each client to create a customized action plan to leverage core strengths and focus on specific areas for improvement.

Below are a few of the reasons why organizations have hired us for executive coaching:

  • Work with a woman COO to improve her executive presence and assert her views more confidently when speaking to the executive board.

  • To help a financial services professional, who was masterful at managing up, be seen as more approachable and collaborative when working with peers and junior staff.

  • To help a C-suite executive at an established tech company motivate and share a cohesive vision throughout a multi-layered organization.

  • Work with a scientist to communicate his highly technical vision to his diverse board.

Sessions will typically concentrate on future options and choices of the client and will include assessing and developing core leadership competencies, core professional skill development and strategies for managing change.

Executive Coaching Philosophy and Methodology

Starla Sireno has been coaching leaders for the past 15 years and is firmly committed to upholding the integrity of the coaching profession.  In addition to holding a Professional Coach Certification (PCC) from the International Coach Federation, she also sits on the Leadership Team for the highly regarded Hudson Institute of Coaching.

Her approach to executive and leadership coaching can best be summarized by the CEO of the Hudson Institute, Pamela McLean:

…leading from behind reminds the coach that the essence of the work is in empowering the client to come to terms with the issues and challenges that she needs to address in order to fully commit to taking a new step forward in life and work.

Coaching is not a hierarchical relationship. Instead the relationship is based on equality, with the client leading the way.


What is a Typical Coaching Engagement?

The following outline is for informational purposes only.  The structure of the engagement may be modified to fit the needs of the client.


  • Client groundwork document

  • Client identifies stakeholders

Kick-Off & Assessment (month 1-2)   

  • Initial meeting with client

  • Stakeholder interviews with 4-6 people

  • Individual meeting with client’s manager

  • Feedback session with client

Develop Coaching Program (month 1-2)  

  • Establish areas of focus and outcomes

  • Create development plan

  • Alignment conversation with key required sponsors (i.e. boss, HR), client and coach

  • Confirmation of coaching focus and objectives

  • Clear plan of action

Ongoing Coaching (month 2-6) 

  • Ten coaching sessions

  • Interim check-ins via phone/email as needed by client

  • Activities conducted to reinforce client's goals (e.g. readings, practice of specific activities or behaviors)

  • Development of competencies and behaviors

  • Grounded in real-time, on the job action

  • Ongoing feedback and course correction

  • Shadow coaching (optional)

Integration and Forward Action (month 6)

  • Closing alignment meeting with client, sponsor and coach to review engagement and results

  • Closing review meeting with client to create future action plan

  • Assessment of coaching results

  • Continuing plan for development



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I can't imagine a better coach than Starla.  Starla was extremely effective at getting and keeping our group on task, fostering meaningful discussion, and making sure each individual got the most out of the program based on their needs.
~Group Coaching Participant, weeklong program


Starla was amazing. She was very professional and had a great demeanor. We focused on all parts of the program without being fake or too pushy. She really made me think and I had some great conversations with my team as a result of her.
~Group Coaching Participant, weeklong program

Starla was …honest, insightful, and a people person.  She was thoughtful about our daily challenges and adapted the conversation to the practical aspects of our roles.  There was nothing theoretical about her approach.
~Group Coaching Participant, weeklong program

Starla provided an engaging and truly inspiring dialogue during 1-on-1 meetings. I very much appreciated her overall approach and the tone she set.
~Group Coaching Participant, weeklong program


I felt Starla was extremely open and passionate.  She had a good energy and was willing to give candid honest advice.  She listened well and asked good thoughtful questions.
~Group Coaching Participant, weeklong program


Starla was able to help me figure out how I can improve my experience at work. She is honest, insightful, and a people person. I would definitely recommend her to my peers and think she is a very effective coach.
~Group Coaching Participant, weeklong program

Starla connected to each member of the team on a personal level and genuinely got to know everyone very quickly.
~Group Coaching Participant, weeklong program

Starla was extremely effective in terms of her ways of coaching and teaching methodologies. She facilitated the group and coaching sessions in a very engaging way.
~Group Coaching Participant, weeklong program


I think Starla did an amazing job.  She built rapport with her coachees, she listened to the group's needs and adjusted as necessary.  I also think she gave great advice and listened well.
~Group Coaching Participant, weeklong program