What to Expect From an Executive Coach


Curious about executive coaching but not sure exactly what to expect? I’ve rounded up 3 of the most common reasons clients use an executive coach in my latest article on Forbes, ”How to Use an Executive Coach.”

While there are an endless number of reasons to seek out a coach for professional development, some of the most valuable times in which you can use a coach are when:

  1. You have a big goal

  2. You know you need to step it up

  3. You’re feeling stuck

At these times, a coach can help you significantly in identifying both your strengths and your blind spots, setting and holding you accountable to your goals, and even serving as a “thinking partner” through difficult circumstances and decisions. Check out the full article for a more in-depth look at how a coach can help through each of these milestones, and if coaching is right for you.

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