New Forbes Article: How To Develop Executive Presence

This week on Forbes, I’m talking executive presence.

It’s a huge part of what people often come to me for, and for good reason. It’s the quality that really sticks with people. It’s what inspires teams, buys you influence, and, on a more personal level, helps you bring the best version of yourself to your work.

Don’t be fooled into the idea that some people are simply born to lead. Some of our best leaders have overcome some of the most paralyzing hardships and insecurities, and have done work to really understand who they are and how they affect others. In short, executive presence is a quality that can be learned.

In this week’s article, we get into what employees have to say about the people they believe have strong executive presence, and how to get clear on who you are and what you want to be known for, and how to further develop your own executive presence.

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