Workplace Professionalism & Business Etiquette Training


“I can’t believe s/he’s wearing that.”

“Doesn’t s/he know that is a seriously career limiting move?”

“S/he was on his/her phone during a client meeting.”

Open spaces.  Working virtually.  Headsets.  Slack.  Phones in meetings.  Social media.

In today’s rapidly evolving culture, the definition of what constitutes professionalism varies widely amongst industries and amongst organizations.  The benefits of an increasingly informal workplace are many – greater flexibility, creativity and expression.  At the same time, there is a bigger risk of unintentional missteps that lead to long-lasting reputational damage.

Objectives and Key Learning:

  • Surface the written and unwritten rules of your organization

  • A common baseline for what is considered acceptable and unacceptable office behaviors

  • Greater awareness of how everyday actions impact personal brand

Through an interactive and open discussion, this workshop will level-set expectations and provide participants with concrete best practices for more respectful office interactions.

Appropriate for:

  • Solo contributors

  • New managers

  • Experienced managers

  • Leaders


What to Expect


  • Reading

  • Questions to spark self-reflection

Sample Program Agenda*

  • Organizational culture and values

  • Individual personal branding

  • Explicit expectations and guidelines

  • “Navigating the gray” discussion

  • Best practices for phone, meetings, daily interactions

  • Individual reflection and forward action


  • Half-day and Full-day

*All outlines can be fully customized to address participants’ skill level and specific objectives.  


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