About Us

About Fearlessness Inc.

Fearlessness, Inc. is an executive coaching, training and consulting company that specializes in business communications and leadership development.

Founded on the principle that business metrics alone are not enough to guarantee a successful company. Fearlessness, Inc. focuses on the people that comprise the business. From team dynamics down to individual contributors, Fearlessness, Inc. creates customized solutions to foster more effective communication and productivity. Training programs cover leadership communication, teambuilding, presentation skills, time management and proper office etiquette.

About Starla

Billions of dollars at stake. Intense competition. Tight quarters. Noise. Distractions. Immediate Deadlines. Life on the trading floor is no picnic. Your ability to communicate, to make the call, and to execute is the fine line between success and failure.Starla_small_web

Starla Sireno spent 12 years succeeding in this ultra-intense environment. With a Masters in International Economics and Finance, Starla built her career at some of the world’ largest financial companies – Fannie Mae, Charles Schwab and Barclays Global Investors – on the strength of her ability to communicate.

Based on her real world experience in high pressure, high risk environments, Starla has taken her lessons learned and keys to success to develop customized programs for executives and their teams. As an executive coach, speaker and trainer, Starla helps individuals leverage their skills through personal branding, effective communication and leadership development. She also works with teams to overcome obstacles, communicate across differences and agree on intended outcomes.

  • Starla is a highly-regarded communications expert featured at nationwide conferences.
  • Recognized expert in business communication and has been featured in a variety of media including the Fine Living Network, BNET, the San Francisco Chronicle and the Marin Independent Journal.
  • Discussion leader for online community of women in financial services focusing on women in male-dominated industries. www.LadyAdvisor.com
  • Member of International Coach Federation, San Francisco Coaches, San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, Association of Women MBAs, Women in Consulting, Young Women Social Entrepreneurs, Board Member for MicroChange and Loan Committee member for the Women’s Initiative for Self Employment.

A personal note from Starla

After a challenging and successful career in the financial services industry, I decided to build the job that I really wanted – helping others create better lives, careers and businesses. My many years in corporate America taught me a number of things – the concept of leverage to achieve more with less, how to create value within an organization and for clients, and how to manage competing priorities. But above all else, my success can ultimately be attributed to a single lesson that I learned well – the power of relationships.

A good trainer isn’t just someone who has learned the right skill set. It is the culmination of years of experience, insight and constant questioning. I am an effective trainer not because of my training, but because of who I am.

I chose the path of coach and trainer because that’s what I’m great at – helping others connect with what is important to them.